Budgetary ways to entertain the child while mom works CONVENIENT, CHEAP OR FREE

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You don’t have to break a bank with money to spend a holiday with children in a fun and beautiful way. There are so many family activities that are 100% free. If you plan correctly, you can spend your vacation and enjoy your vacation without spending a lot of money and energy
Here’s how to do it

  • Write letters to your relatives and friends and send them by regular mail
  • Collect old things and donate them to a charity
  • Make a dancing mass of starch
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Make homemade iced tea
  • Make a fire and fry bread or sausages on it
  • Make camp in the room
  • Go to some free library events
  • Teach children to play chess
  • Paint with your finger paints
  • Have a butterfly hunt
  • Make clay with your own hands
  • Make homemade cupcakes and decorate them with icing
  • Create a homemade volcano with glue, baking soda, and vinegar
  • Organize a toy tea party
  • Feed the birds
  • Harvest together in the country or on the windowsill
  • Play a homemade board game
  • DIY jumping ropes
  • Make a rope ladder
  • Make a paper fortune teller
  • Make a flashlight
  • Make simple origami animals
  • Make paper decorations
  • Play the sox
  • Make flowers from napkins
  • Play pebbles
  • Make masks from paper plates
  • Cut out paper dolls
  • Play a paper money shop that can be cut from templates
  • Find a spot to watch the sunset
  • Draw pictures from newspapers and magazines
  • Make your shadow theater
  • Make a necklace or wreath of flowers
  • Learn Simple Text Encryption Techniques
  • Make paper boats and run them on water
  • Make a pyramid of glasses
  • You can have fun with very young children by ripping open old magazines
  • Play mancala (https://www.popmech.ru/technologies/237942-mankala-igra-kotoraya-pokorila-mir/)

Build a castle with cornmeal dough
Make a touch box
Have a Bonfire or Campfire in Your Backyard
Make animals out of balloons
Build a train from cardboard boxes
Make a doll bed out of cardboard
Go fishing

Make huts with juice bags
Make a home puppet show with cardboard and paper
Make clouds out of cotton wool
Squeeze juice without a juicer
Craft a cardboard pirate ship
Or a cardboard aquarium
Make a family of hedgehogs from matches and plasticine
Make your home sandbox with empty storage bins
Conduct scientific experiments with children at home
Make Laser Swords from Star Wars with Water Sticks
Make different animals, decorations and even houses with toilet paper rolls
DIY golf
Make homemade flying saucers
DIY a maze
Make an obstacle course for kids using scrap materials
Craft with pipe cleaners.
Play Make-Believe games. Children love to sail the seas, conquer kingdoms and rescue princesses from the dragon’s lair.
Go to the library. Libraries are full of wonder for kids. …
Play with animals. …
Play a flying saucer
Go to the local park. …
Make Pavement Art. …
Make kites and fly them. …
Go looking for new streets and playgrounds
Create kids playhouse
Put the puzzle together.
Paint with salt
Colored sand from semolina
Silky plasticine
Play “Eye Spy” on a Walk
Create your own stickers
Make a lava lamp
Create a keepsake box with pressed flowers

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